About Us


We are a leading Digital Marketing Consultant firm in Indonesia that have rich experience and strong network in major cities in Indonesian and worldwide over the years.

Our company provides our client with the best world leading strategy where we will use soft and creative approach overtime to earn audiences their long lasting trust and impression which will be beneficial to our partners at a reasonable rate.

One-Stop Solution
Onluna Media

Us at Onluna believe and confident that our success in PR depends on how we use the media as a way to engage the audience.

Onluna 360

In Onluna 360, Our firm provides our client with building and development from all around campaign landing pages to a corporate size level site.

Onluna Ink

Onluna Inc service is a cloud app for building real-time business dashboards on many platforms such as the browser.

Onluna Act

Onluna Act is founded to fully understand our clients companies so we can guide them to build a marketing strategy concept.

“To become a digital consultant that support our client success continuously”