Concept development

We at Onluna Act with our large network and professional researchers will help our clients using the information we gained from a consumer responses database which is updated regularly to evaluate and develop ideas for our clients’ concept for business

Event Coordinating

Onluna Act teams with our traditional combined with digital approach will ensure the success of our client’s event by promoting and generating awareness, increasing audiences and helping our clients in measuring the influence of the events held by our clients to give a better idea and strategies to use for our stakeholders

Brand Activation

Our Onluna Act teams create the right situation for brand activation based on the research of our database in this everchanging digital audience and traditional one. We help our clients by formulating the right strategies to engage the audience by creating a brand understanding and building a loyalty with the customers.

Sales Strategy Formation

In developing a brand, we also need to have the sales strategy formation which will be one of the important keys to successfully develop a brand. Based on this understanding, we in Onluna Act help our customer to better formulate their strategic plan with a research by our professional marketer, designer, and influencer to give our clients the right solution and step to take.

Coaching & Advisory

We at Onluna Act will not only design and help our client develop their brands, but we also offer our clients with coaching & advisory to better maintain and keeping in check our clients’ companies health and its brand impact.


Onluna Act with its large network will help our clients to cover their companies news and stories, helping to increase the brand awareness to inspire the audience. We help our clients by generating unique stories about our clients’ mission and their work, which help them to achieve what our clients need.

Corporate Communications

Us at Onluna Act know and understand how much important is corporate communications to drive a company reputation and objectives, ensuring a comprehensive strategy to engage the stakeholders. As a result of this, our corporate communications team also continue to improve every day and could offer our clients with much solution and guides to corporate communications.