Onluna Inc

Onluna Inc service is a cloud app for building real-time business dashboards on many platforms such as the browser, monitors, and also mobile device. Onluna Inc helps our client stay in control of their business by providing dynamic and real-time data wherever our clients are, whenever they need.

Our firm is proud to help our clients to build their own dashboard, managing it, and empower our clients business.

Tracking Bussiness Growth

Often our clients are confused about how to keep track of their data anytime and anywhere. With Onluna Inc, our clients could access the data from a cloud application on any of their cloud sharing platforms such as computers, internet, email, and SQL database.

With Onluna Inc, not only we provide our clients with the best technology building cloud apps, but we also help you find the data our clients need to use for tracking their companies.

What if our clients need custom data to track?

Onluna Inc also provides our clients with custom data source based on our clients’ needs and query. Our teams in Onluna Inc will ensure our clients get the best fit of data tracking to view in the dashboard of any data source they could name.

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