Onluna Inc Executive Dashboard

Company Executive Dashboard was used by one of our clients to provide their Executive management an insight to all organization KPI, metrics, and data. The goal for this dashboard is to give the CEO and executive a more efficient way to view all of their company business data performance across all department.

Onluna Inc Sales Dashboard

Sales operational teams always work in fastpaced, and target oriented environment. With Onluna Inc Sales Dashboard provided by us. Our partner sales teams could track their performance in a second anywhere at a glance and help improving their performance by doing so

Onluna Inc Marketing Dashboard

Market department usually employ a scientific and logic approach to data analytics. Onluna Inc Marketing Dashboard combine this factor in the dashboard by providing an easy to read and comprehensive data analytics to displays. By providing the easy to read data for our clients marketing teams, our clients could improve their teams performance

Onluna Inc Supply Chain Dashboard

Onluna Inc supply chain dashboard could track your stock and supply chain KPI in one place, it help our clients to keep theirs company stock for production needs more efficient and sparing less time to work on a more important things.