About Onluna

We are a leading digital marketing firm in Indonesia that have rich experience and strong network in major cities in Indonesian and worldwide over the years.

Our company provides our client with the best world leading strategy where we will use soft and creative approach overtime to earn audiences their long lasting trust and impression which will be beneficial to our partners at a reasonable rate.


Digital Marketing

Onluna as a digital marketing company also adapting to the current digital era, where digital communication is the key element to communicate with the audiences, our firm not only will combine a great strategy in traditional public relations but also with the best digital public relations.

Over the years our firm also expanded from its initial focus in general business to non-profit organization, hospitality, insurance, pharmaceutical companies and information technology.

Professional Teams

Onluna also has a mix of various professional in our teams which consist of creators, counselors, and digital expert with in-depth expertise, we provide our client with an out of the box approach which will, in turn, also give our client with what they really long valued in public relations.