Press Release Distribution

A press release is something important for companies who want to grow their brand and make their position as a brand growing stronger, it helps the targeted audiences know what our client’s companies do and their work. 

Onluna Press Release Distribution do just that and provide the best press release distribution for our client.

It is press distribution services that bring through our client to reach a greater height in engaging the targeted audiences across multiple platforms. Our services feature Asian region most up to date and comprehensive media database including influencers from radio, television, magazine, and website

We track, we observe and we report—  we will measure the impact of your press release to the targeted audience.

Sending the targeted content to our client’s audiences based on our analyst and report in Mainstream Media Monitoring and Mainstream Media Report. Onluna will ensure that our clients will stay on top of the changes in the media industry, with the media insight we provide our clients.